Kwara Utd acquire Delta Force slot in NPFL after successful acquisition of slot

Force have sold out their slot in the current ongoing season of the Nigeria
Professional Football League. The slot was acquired by Kwara United, who are
now back into the top-flight.
It was
revealed that the same slot was actually acquired by Delta Force from Kada City
last season, but the Delta side have struggled to fulfill their financial obligations.
after a thorough discussion between the management of both teams – Kwara United
and Delta Force – a contract deal was sealed on Wednesday.
“I am
sure it’s a development all the club’s stakeholders will also want to support,”
said Kwara United’s chairman Olakumbi Titiloye while addressing the media.
“We are
conscious of the challenges that will come with this massive decision, but we
know it’s a situation that is redeemable, as the NPFL is just starting.
the take over, Delta Force were 17th on the table with four points after five outings.
As it stands, Kwara United will now obtain the team’s league points and
continue from Week Six after formal registration.
The club
is billed to play against Nasarawa United in Lafia on Sunday.


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