Salah Greatness Will Never Be Forgetting Here In Liverpool-  Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool Head Coach “Jurgen Klopp” insists the form of Mohamed Salah this season cannot be overlooked

It is revealed that “Salah” has reach 30 goals this term in a struggling Reds team.

The head coach said, “This question is now not the first time I hear it. Not from us – I said it a lot of times, he will be an all-time great after he finishes his career, but now he is still in his career and if you see Mo every day there is still a really good few years in his legs and in his body so the numbers will even improve and that’s absolutely great.

“No, we don’t overlook it but I can imagine with the question asked that often that you might be guilty to overlook it, I don’t know.”

On taking the current momentum into next season, Klopp added: “Look, when you just play a bad season – what we did until a few weeks ago – with some highlights, which makes it a bit more difficult to understand really, it makes you even more angry when you think about it, ‘We can play like this but most of the time we played like that?’

“So that’s really not cool. So this period is super-important for us because it gives us a massive hint how it could look, and we all know we are in [the] early stages, we have to improve, we have to train a lot, work a lot and to make things more natural and more clear for the boys what we want exactly.”


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